I don’t care if you are annoyed by my posts: I am posting for me #ragnarrelay


Setting Goals & Accountability

Some of you may have seen me posting across my social status’ attributed to my health and physical accomplishments. If the posts annoy you, delete me. It’s fine, seriously. I am cool with it. What I am doing is for me and not for you, but I accept that losing you as a connection may be the consequence of taking care of myself.

I am training to accomplish a personal goal of completing my 4th Ragnar Relay. This race will take me and my team 200 miles south, from Huntington Beach to San Diego over a 36 hours period.

Here is the catch- I am not a runner. In fact, just 4 years ago before I trained for my first Ragnar I was very much overweight and had been nearly all my life.


Much larger me

I was tired all the time.

I was unhappy with how I felt and my digestive system was a mess.

I had no concept of the idea that one actually eats for “fuel” not to “fill”.

Training for Ragnar changed my life.

I found that by setting a goal (to compete) and knowing that 11 other members of my team were counting on me to complete each leg of the race in a respectable time sparked something  in me that I didn’t really know was dormant; my desire to overcome. Being an entrepreneur, competitiveness and team building is part of my daily life. What I didn’t realize about myself was that  by setting goals and sharing them with others would create a support system and help to keep me accountable. In the case of working out, sharing what I am doing to train also helps others to see that I take myself (my health, family time and me time) serious; something that I have found to be critical to success in business interestingly enough as it provides the opportunity to find perspective.

My runs have become my time. My runs have become my time to let things go that have been bothering me. My runs have become the time I use to think about all aspects of my life (Family, Business, Future, Fiscal) allowing me to be more efficient in the rest of my day.

I am not a runner but running has changed my life.

I know that every hour I spend on me in this manner is one more hour I will be on this earth spending time with my family- and that is the best investment I can make bar none.


As such, I post my accomplishments because it helps me to be accountable and to ensure that I keep on track to achieve my goal of kicking Ragnar’s ass (again).

To those of you who like or comment on my runs I say THANK YOU. Your encouragement helps me to be accountable to myself and I appreciate it.

Special thanks to Joe Carrier and Matt Gray for introducing me to my new self. Shout out to April for the amazing meals at 7pm that keep me fueled not just filled http://homeby7.wordpress.com 


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