Month: July 2014

Here’s why the Internet of things just became very interesting

By integrating a basket of public IoT semiconductor companies (highlighted by Goldman Sachs; note: Making S-E-N-S-E of the next mega-trend) with Google Trends’ data containing the phrase “IoT,” we see that an obvious inflection point does not occur until Q4’13 (see Exhibit 1 below). After six consecutive quarters of net asset outflows by growth managers, those firms have finally started to buy into the IoT theme. During the Q4’13 inflection point, Google Trends’ data traversed from a prolonged period of stagnation to rapid ascension. For the first time in two years, companies looking to explore IoT now have the wind at their backs.

Silicon Harlem is smarter than you think

As a former resident of Harlem I can tell you that the idea of making it a tech hub is brilliant.  The proximity to talented graduates, mentors and Columbia combined with low rent, low cost surrounding is ideal. However, what really does it in this case is the culture. This area has more culture than most other areas of town but has yet to see its cultural resurgence.  I hope this is it.

Well stated: pillars of the Internet of Things from a product management perspective

In the connected economy, companies need to think about how to add value to the users’ networks. Companies can become fixtures in their industry by finding solutions to problems and letting other companies or users build on that solution, creating more value. It then creates an interdependency that is healthy rather than toxic competition.