Month: June 2014

Did they just say that lettuce would stay the same for two weeks?

When the Internet of Things enables kids to actually like vegetables.

“The low-potassium lettuce is liked by children who don’t like vegetables because it doesn’t taste bitter,” says Takeshi Wakabayashi, a Fujitsu senior director. “This lettuce is very crunchy, it tastes very good, and it will stay in the same condition for more than two weeks.”

Great music, great food, great drinks. All for a great cause. #daretocare #ProjectHopeAlliance

As a member of the board of directors at Project Hope Alliance, I know that Orange County has more homeless children per capita than LA or San Diego Counties. I also know that we can end the cycle of homelessness for these kids! Join me on May 1st for an amazing event featuring the Tijuana Dogs.

Great music, great food, great drinks… All for a great cause. #daretocare


Chromecast Update Introduces An AirPlay-Like Android Mirroring Feature, Photo Backdrops And More | TechCrunch

Chromecast updated is its new ability to allow any Android device to be mirrored, wirelessly, onto a TV. Google built its own framework for this, allowing it to cut down on the latency.

As Android’s reach expands, Google attracts fewer pioneer partners | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Ross Rubin

Google has polished the user interface with its new “Material Design” model of animated surfaces existing in different layers. It’s improved performance with a new, backward-compatible runtime that’s more battery-efficient. And Google has added features such as contextual unlocking that can take advantage of, for example, nearby Bluetooth products to know if it’s in a trusted zone.