About The Buddy Group

Founded before social was a thing. Built on storytelling roots. Thriving on successful use of technology.

Our Declaration

Before this is over, we’re going to Triple Dog Dare you.

Because we’re interested in what’s possible, not what’s expected.

We want to change the way you think – about digital, about what it means to be a client, about what it means to work in this industry, about what our relationships should be.  We want the very best out of you: your best work, your best concepting, your best performance no matter which side of the invoice you’re on.

We believe that dedication and thinking from odd angles produces the finest work, that results come way before ego, and if you’re going to challenge us at 80’s movie trivia or a BBQ cook-off, you better have a wicked A-game.

We can, and will, talk about measurability, accountability and all the things that may keep you up at night. But we’re dying to hear about your next grand adventure; we love a good story together with buddies over a hand-made margarita or smooth whiskey (hey, we still respect our industry roots).

And smart, passionate people. We really love smart people – employees and clients. We have a rigorous No Shitheads Policy. Yes, really.

We believe greatness equals risk. And if it’s safe, it’s the wrong answer.

So be brave.

Dare to do something you haven’t tried before. Dare to do something unexpected and surprising. Dare to do something that scares and excites and enthralls you.

Dare to join us.

We are The Buddy Group and I am the Chief Buddy.



Still not sure who we are? 

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