Month: September 2014

You have to manage your Data Lake – the fallacy of technology being magic | Capgemini Worldwide

Just dumping data into a single repository doesn’t mean that it’s now magically easy to use.  But dismissing data lakes altogether is “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”  Where I think they’ve missed the opportunity is that they don’t talk about how things move forwards.  Logical Data Warehouses (LDW, described by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems) are not the answer either. They have been the norm in most decent EDW programs for many years but it still isn’t giving the agility, flexibility and access to “all data” that a data lake approach can give.  What is needed is hybrid approach that the business to blend different approaches based on their requirements – the “Business” Data Lake.

Are Wearables Making Fashion and Tech Industries Strange Bedfellows? – iQ by Intel

“The next twelve months will be a critical period for the acceptance and adoption of wearable devices,” said Joshua Flood, a senior analyst at ABI Research.

“Aesthetic design, more compelling use cases, battery life and lower price points are the main inhibitors. How vendors approach these challenges and their respective solutions will affect the wearable market far in the future.”

Happy Hour At Work? There’s An App For That. | Updates | The Buddy Group

group or department of Buddies will band together and host an “official” Friday Happy Hour. During each event, you can expect to see unique and tasty beverages coupled with a clever, engrossing activity. The Creative team held a movie trivia-themed event followed by our President’s Happy Hour which boasted a homemade, life-sized Jenga set. So when it finally came time for the Developers and QA to host ours, the pressure was on.

60 days to train for this


In 60 days I will (hopefully) complete the Las Vegas half-marathon.  I have never run that far before. I am amazed by what technology is doing for me as I prepare for this event.

Fitbit: tracks my overall health including  calories in and out, total steps and weight.

Runkeeper: track my runs and help to set goals.

Facebook: no use