Month: August 2014

Broadcom wants to let 1,000 IoT devices bloom with $19.99 development kit | Computerworld

The Internet of Things has been the talk of the tech industry for months now, but communications chip maker Broadcom thinks the conversation’s just getting started.

“It’s a totally new space. It offers … a massive number of projects and efforts and new ideas,” said Brian Bedrosian, senior director of Broadcom’s embedded wireless business, at a media event in San Francisco on Tuesday night. “There’s no monopoly in any particular market.”

Broadcom has a big stake in IoT because it makes the kinds of chips that will connect many home devices, wearables and industrial sensors to wireless networks. On Wednesday, the company introduced the latest tool it hopes will expand that market, a US$19.99 development kit built around its BCM20737 Bluetooth Smart chip with five built-in sensors and a free Apple iOS app. An Android app is coming Oct. 1.

The WICED Sense Tag, the latest in a line of WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) kits that launched about two years ago, is designed for app coders and non-technical product developers rather than just engineers, Bedrosian said. It costs less than earlier kits, which have been priced around $80 to $100, and includes software for Bluetooth Smart and the sensors, saving developers hours of work, according to the company.

The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’: A case study in viral marketing gold | Digiday

I may be one of the only users on twitter not to be challenged to dump ice on their head. My day is coming but it may not be ice.

Several months back Kelly and Wing Lam were challenged to eat a green mound of frozen mush concocted by the amazing staff at OCs very own A Restaurant in Newport Beach as part of a dare. That dare spawned an awareness campaign which coincidently launches on September 30th. #DARE TO CARE benefits Project Hope Alliance and it’s going to be a blast.

Below is a great write up on the current campaign running with similar ideals by and for ALS. I recommend reading it if you are at all interested in the campaign.

There is also a compilation of the worst failed attempts. failed videos

The Power of Aligning Consumers With Your Brand

Advertising remains big business in the United States. According to Kantar Media, U.S. companies spent a combined $140 billion on promotion and publicity in 2013 alone.

That hefty sum buys a lot of messaging — from 60-second television spots and half-page newspaper ads to digital billboards and mobile marketing. Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded by advertisements from companies claiming their product is better than the rest. But in a marketplace still struggling to recover from the financial collapse of 2008 and the ensuing Great Recession, it takes a lot more than a catchy tagline and a slick commercial to engage consumers.

Alignment — not advertising — brings greater rewards