Hang W/ launches successful crowdfunding campaign


Please help spread the word, Hang W/ is an awesome technology.

Disclaimer: I am an advisor.

Hang w/ sits at the intersection of several powerful digital, social and pop culture trends. Live streaming video has burst into the technology scene and is resonating at the next big trend. Monetized digital video and mobile advertising are already a multi-billion dollar industry looking for better engagement with audiences. And the cult of personality is at an all time high. Hang w/ has the technology, the team and the track record to weave all three trends together into a product that generates significant revenue through monetized live content.

What is the difference between Hang w/ and Periscope?

Hang w/ aims to occupy a very different space from Periscope. They are a live social media app with no monetization strategy – and no opportunity for users to generate revenue. We are a live content distribution platform – with an opportunity for users to generate revenue from their own content.

How does Hang w/ make money?

Today, Hang w/ generates revenue in three ways. • Pre- and Post-roll advertising generates a CPM (cost per thousand views) from advertisers and ad networks. • Pay Per View Digital Tickets allow users to sell tickets to digital content. Hang w/ keeps a percentage of all ticket sales. • Digital Tipping allows users to gift one another digital coins with real monetary value. Hang w/ keeps a percentage of the value of gifted coins.

How can a Hang w/ user make money?

Broadcasters keep a percentage of revenue from the Pre- and Post-roll advertising shown on their channel. • Broadcasters keep a percentage of revenue from their own Pay Per View Digital Tickets. • Broadcasters keep a percentage of revenue by redeeming their gifted coins for cash. • All payments are made to users using PayPal.

What will the funds raised be used for?

• Deepen our focus on music and grow the platform where it is strongest with events, sponsorships, and a focused marketing campaign. • Extend the Hang w/ platform into a number of targeted verticals. • Improve platform functionality with new features that can be implemented across the vertical ecosystem. • Build our our sales and business development team and create custom marketing integration opportunities. • Legal, Misc Fees, General Admin • Technology infrastructure, server costs, maintenance, streaming, etc.

What is the exit strategy?

The platform is expected to generate significant cash flow upon scale. The strategy is to exit through acquisition by a major media company, social media company, or content-based technology provider.

Why are you the team to do this?

Members of our team have collectively developed more than 300 mobile applications – with many of them reaching as high as #1 on the Apple App Store. • Our team has collectively driven tens of millions of downloads of mobile applications. • We have been innovating in the live streaming space and fine tuning our product for more than two years.



  • Backed by 50 Cent, Timbaland, Elton Brand and Larry the Cable Guy
  • Millions of users with more than 3,000,000 live broadcasts
  • Average user session as high as 17+ minutes at 2-3 sessions per day


The most advanced live-streaming mobile platform – with major celebrity endorsement, millions of users and revenue generation built into the model.


Millions of users with more than 3,000,000 live broadcasts


Achieved 1 Million users in the first 9 months – faster than Twitter and Facebook


Average user session as high as 17+ minutes at 2-3 sessions per day


Patents filed over 2 years ago ahead of Twitter’s Periscope and other live streaming services


Users were found to be 361x more likely to “Tune In” on Hang w/ than to “retweet” on Twitter


A Hang w/ 50 Cent concert from SXSW resulted in 50,000+ simultaneous live streams


Official Live Streaming Partner for events such as Style Fashion Week, Cupid’s Undie Run, Bottle Rocket and Mysteryland


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