8 things I learned at Howard Lindzon’s Stocktoberfest by StockTwits and Social Leverage

I just returned from San Diego where I attended Stocktoberfest. I often talk about the convergence of storytelling, marketing and technology as the hottest convergence out there. After this event, Finance and Tech may give it a run for its money!

Here are just a few of the things I gleaned.

  • Howard Lindzon’s friends are also his most respected colleagues.
  • LittleBird solves many challenges companies like The Buddy Group has with influencer planning and sourcing. I can’t wait to explore implementing it in our process.
  • Howard likes popcorn.
  • Estate Assist has the potential to be the customer hook that large financial institutions that deal with annual renewals are looking for.
  • Personalization is key. Smarter stories, platforms and experiences are a win win for customer and business. The fact that financial companies are realizing this reinforces the fact that TV is dying. In the same breath I have to say…ShoeFitr:  sure is amazing.
  • Howard has a great sense of humor, unless you are one of his dear friends.
  • Ross Levinsohn. Drop the mic.
  • Who would have thought that Broadway could take cues from FinTech? I shifted from Broadway marketing to Financial Services in 1998. I left NY discouraged with both Financial Services and Broadway’s lack of progressiveness as it related to tech, marketing and data and moved into Entertainment. Financial Tech has come a long way since I started working on the Bear Stearns broker portal in 1997. After seeing some of the tech at the Stocktoberfest event, I might even venture to say FinTech has become progressive.

Check out http://stocktwits.com and a great recap by Josh Brown

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