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I am making my return to the stage… with Darren Herman, Donny Osmond and Tony Hsieh #iot @betheexception @thebuddygroup #IMPACT15

My marketing and storytelling career started in New York City on America’s first social medium; The Broadway stage. Since then, The Buddy Group has flourished to help shine the spotlight … Continue reading I am making my return to the stage… with Darren Herman, Donny Osmond and Tony Hsieh #iot @betheexception @thebuddygroup #IMPACT15

8 things I learned at Howard Lindzon’s Stocktoberfest by StockTwits and Social Leverage

I just returned from San Diego where I attended Stocktoberfest. I often talk about the convergence of storytelling, marketing and technology as the hottest convergence out there. After this event, Finance and Tech may give it a run for its money!

Here are just a few of the things I gleaned.

  • Howard Lindzon’s friends are also his most respected colleagues.
  • LittleBird solves many challenges companies like The Buddy Group has with influencer planning and sourcing. I can’t wait to explore implementing it in our process.
  • Howard likes popcorn.
  • Estate Assist has the potential to be the customer hook that large financial institutions that deal with annual renewals are looking for.
  • Personalization is key. Smarter stories, platforms and experiences are a win win for customer and business. The fact that financial companies are realizing this reinforces the fact that TV is dying. In the same breath I have to say…ShoeFitr:  sure is amazing.
  • Howard has a great sense of humor, unless you are one of his dear friends.
  • Ross Levinsohn. Drop the mic.
  • Who would have thought that Broadway could take cues from FinTech? I shifted from Broadway marketing to Financial Services in 1998. I left NY discouraged with both Financial Services and Broadway’s lack of progressiveness as it related to tech, marketing and data and moved into Entertainment. Financial Tech has come a long way since I started working on the Bear Stearns broker portal in 1997. After seeing some of the tech at the Stocktoberfest event, I might even venture to say FinTech has become progressive.

Check out and a great recap by Josh Brown

Columbia Student’s Striking Mattress Performance

While at Columbia I helped run the undergraduate theater where  performances such as this occurred on a regular basis. This artist’s creation is unique enough to get the attention of those out of the theater and with that attention will hopefully come action by my Alma mater.

Columbia Student’s Striking Mattress Performance