What does the future of Passenger Experience look like?

It is found within the culture of Zodiac Inflight Innovations.

It’s no surprise that on-demand entertainment has become such a cornerstone of our culture. It’s personal. And it’s available anytime and anywhere — even 35,000 feet in the air.

But while flying and on-demand entertainment are enthralling experiences/technology, the websites for IFE (Inflight entertainment) providers are hardly what you’d label “captivating”. Which is why we wanted to change that perception with the complete overhaul of the Zodiac Inflight Innovations (Zii) website because this company, it’s core, is the epitome of captivating.

Our goal was to make a website that’s as entertaining and as captivating as the products and services that Zii provide to airlines and passengers all over the world. So, we immediately decided to simplify the site. That meant ditching the dark color palette in favor of a lighter one, as it would open up the design as well as lose the sterile tech feel that plagued the previous iteration, as well as implementing full-bleed imagery throughout the site. This simplified, clean design ultimately makes the site and Zii appear more dynamic, cutting-edge and engaging — just as a provider of entertainment should appear. Click here for our case study and let me know what you think!


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