Rishad Tobaccowala Pinpoints the Beginnings of a Tectonic Change in Marketing | Adweek

1. The title CMO needs to be done away with. Chief marketing officers need to become chief facilitating officers.

2. Marketers need to stop advertising—they need to offer utility. “People don’t want to see your stupid message,” he said (clearly implicating himself in his message as much as the audience).

3. Video will indeed be everywhere, but he encouraged marketers to look more at the YouTubes and Netflixes of the world than the CBS’s or NBCs. “The future more often comes from the slime than the heavens,” he said.

4. Owning data is an obsolete idea. The secret of success with data is how to access it and use it.

5. Mobility: “Where you are is just as important as who you are.”

6. Finally, one thing all marketers need to remember: “In a silicon world, we are still talking to carbon life-forms.” In other words, be human and tell stories.


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