Hacking Cars is only the beginning of the security issues

JEEP CHEROKEE CONNECTED CAR HACK ONLY AFFECTS FIAT CHRYSLER: Two weeks ago it was revealed that hackers were able to access a Jeep Grand Cherokee via its infotainment center’s radio and then could control the car from up to a mile way. In response, Fiat Chrysler sent over-the-air and USB plugin updates to 1.4 million of its affected cars. The infotainment radio maker, Harman International’s CEO Dinesh Piwali commented on the hack yesterday and said that no other cars that have Harman infotainment radios installed are at risk of being hacked, according to the Associated Press. Piwali also said that the hacked radio was developed approximately five years ago and that newer models have more advanced safety features. Despite Piwali’s claim that no other systems are at risk, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is still investigating 2.8 million Harman radios.

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