I love it when innovation pushes content. Why you should #explorein360

How we engage with content has evolved in major ways since our inception in 2005. We pioneered new formats, new experiences and new ways for audiences to engage with content leveraging Adobe Flash via interactive video experiences. In about 2008, we witnessed what would be known as the beginning of the demise of Flash and the dawn of a whole new way of producing and delivering content via HTML5. YouTube embraced HTML5 and deployed tools allowing content creators and advertisers to distribute unique content across many platforms, at scale.

Our partnership with YouTube over the years has allowed for some pretty awesome branded experiences.

We are proud to announce a whole new world of content on YouTube with the launch of YouTube’s 360 video. JK Imaging Ltd. who, through a Global Licensing agreement manufactures and sells KODAK-branded digital imaging products, came to The Buddy Group with a unique business challenge — engage and identify a niche target audience in a new and innovative way. The goal was to utilize YouTube’s newly launched 360-degree video platform to get ahead of the curve and create a video experience unlike any other using the KODAK PIXPRO SP360 Action Camera. The campaign, “Take a Look Around”, seeks to excite, engage and enable “Revolutionary Creators” to capture and share their world in 360-degrees.

Launched today you will find a unique content hub that helps to educate, show capabilities and engage consumers as they explore video through the eyes of one of four personas: the visionary, the enthusiast, the wanderer, and the adventurer.

The website which launched prior to VidCon 2015 was designed to mimic the viewing experience of a 360-degree video. By dragging the mouse and cursor around the browser users can start to experience what a 360-degree camera can capture. It’s no longer about filming what’s in front of you. We’re changing the way people think about video. The KODAK PIXPRO SP360 Action Camera enables everyone to take a look around and capture life the way it’s truly meant to be seen—in all its 360-degree glory.

From 360 to personalization, how we all engage and interact with videos is about to change for the better.I am excited for this new wave of content and I encourage you to open your YouTube app on your mobile phone and do a search for “Take a Look Around“. The experience is pretty awesome!

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