#YouTube over #Facebook when it comes to video until FB figures out TV

Creators look for reach and ubiquitous  distribution. As soon as FB figures out their role in TV, the pendulum will shift.

VIDEO CREATORS HEAVILY FAVOR YOUTUBE OVER FACEBOOK AS A PUBLISHING PLATFORM: Although Facebook has recently made some headway in narrowing the video viewing gap with YouTube, content creators have continued to find more success on YouTube, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. In recent months, Facebook has boasted an average of 4 billion daily video views, equaling estimates of historically dominant YouTube. While Facebook’s strong numbers have persuaded many premium content providers to publish content on the social media platform, YouTube content creators post five times as many videos on YouTube than on Facebook, according to the report.

Video content creators prefer publishing more on YouTube than Facebook for two distinct reasons:

First, YouTube users come to the site to watch videos. While Facebook’s audience is first and foremost a social audience, YouTube’s estimated 1 billion users access the site exclusively for its video content. This gives YouTube creators a dependable audience base. For example, 68% of top YouTube creators posted content on both YouTube and Facebook in May, but videos consistently garnered more views on YouTube than on the social media platform, according to Tubular Labs data sited by The Wall Street Journal.
Plus, YouTube allows creators to monetize their content. The video streaming giant allows creators to keep 55% of revenue generated from ads, allowing creators to profit off of their videos. Although Facebook announced plans to introduce the same ad revenue split, it has yet to fully roll out the program. Creators thus have little incentive to develop content specifically for Facebook and its evolving video format.
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