Reflecting on the last ten years…with gratitude.

Ten years ago I wrote down a goal that at the time seemed both attainable and important. Tomorrow I turn forty, an age that seemed so far away at thirty . The twists, pivots, peaks and valleys comprise ten of the best years of my life and even though I didn’t hit my goal, I have an incredible feeling of accomplishment.
Six things I learned in my 30s
  • There is no reason for the cell phone to be at or near the dinner table. Engaging with your family during dinner will generate some of your best memories from your thirties.
  • Trust your instincts.
Friends and Family
  • When people say “it all goes so fast” they are speaking the truth. You won’t really understand that until the end of your thirties.
  • Appreciate it all, the peaks and the valleys…especially the valleys.
Regarding Business (and running one)
  • A business is either growing or contracting. The key is to identify which one it is and manage it with purpose.
  • There are two types of people in business, those that strive to be the star player and those who thrive being on a winning team. Create a culture where team is more important that star.
IMG_0700Family_portraits_blue 010

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