Bus shelters the future for digital advertising, says Clear Channel boss – Telegraph

Digital and interactive advertising at bus stops and other busy locations will emerge as a much greater alternative to traditional billboards over the next five years, according to the British boss of outdoor advertising group Clear Channel.

Andrew Morley, chief executive of Clear Channel UK, said: “Outdoor advertising is becoming interactive, linked to mobile phones and delivered by digital technology. That’s where the industry is moving.

“We have the largest and most advanced digital network. This year, we have installed London Wrap, a network of 40 state-of-the-art digital screens around London, doubled the number of London sites of our sister brand Storm to 20 and rebranded our network of 100 central London small format digital screens on bus shelters as Adshel Live.

“That already makes London one of the most advanced outdoor digital advertising environments in the world and over the next year, we will be rolling out the Adshel Live digital programme to hundreds of locations


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