Internet of Things by 2020 for reals?!

While keeping tabs on the Internet of Things (IoT) this infographic appeared in one of Vizworld’s curation lists. If it seems simple or even simplistic consider that it is probably created for a general business audience. What’s most interesting is the visualization of the discrepancy between four highly regarded sources on the number of units that will be around in 2020, less than 6 years from now. The massive range from 26 billion units (Gartner) to 212 billion units (IDC) can be interpreted as probably a lack of consensus on what an IoT device is, or will be. Will it include your handheld device as well as your temperature-sensitive clothing? But certainly the market (or multiple markets) implementing sensors and connectivity will be both massive and profitable.

The Internet of Things by 2020: what’s it worth? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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