Apple Patent On The NFC Mechanics Of Apple Pay Details Its Inner Workings | TechCrunch

Most of you know I am not an Apple fanboy. I have been a loyal Android user mostly because of the openness and lack of closed walls. Reading this I have to admit Apple nailed it. This patent is so simple and only works in a closed environment. If Apple can displace all the POS operating systems in the next 24 to 48 months I think they will create enough continued demand for their product to just save them from being just another technology company in the wearables space .

Apple has applied for a patent (via AppleInsider) related to its new Apple Pay mobile payment system, and within the document, it goes into detail about how the near field communication between the phone and the payment terminal at participating stores works. Essentially, it explains in more technical and specific terms what Apple talked about on stage at its iPhone 6 event in September, but it’s well worth a closer look, especially as it details some of the things Apple didn’t talk about with much specificity, like how Apple Pay works on accessories like the Apple Watch.

The filing discusses the basics, like how Apple’s new smartphone uses an NFC module to communicate to a merchant’s payment terminal. But it discusses in detail the way the tokenized transfer occurs, whereby shoppers only transfer a special, single-use digital token that the POS system will decode using a shared secret, but at no time does a user’s credit card information ever actually leave the secure enclave contained on the user’s device. That applies to the Apple Watch, too, which also has a secure enclave chip to store payment info.

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