Why Interactives are the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing | Visually Blog

….an interactive U.S. map that lets families discover fun ideas for road trips this summer. Depending on what you select (your region, state, and family type), the map reveals a different travel destination for you to check out.

Toyota and HuffPo’s interactive map taps into the same formula that’s made BuzzFeed quizzes so wildly successful in terms of driving readership and engagement: giving people “personalized” results based on how they answer a series of questions.
Interactive quizzes and maps will continue to drive brand engagement going forward, and it’s because it’s not always enough to just make branded content informative or entertaining. It needs to be personalized.

Customized Product Explainers

Riding the same wave as personalized branded content comes customized product explainers.
It’s almost inevitable that you’ll have different customer segments – from active to inactive, corporations to small businesses – and the question for marketers has always been, how can I tailor my brand’s message to each of these customer types?
Instead of making a one-size-fits-all product explainer, with an interactive you can make a responsive interface that gives out tailored information based on each customer’s needs


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