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Michio Kaku Talks About Coming Breakthroughs

You know you are a nerd when you read the interview twice….in a row.

“I think, in the coming years, we will have a brain pacemaker that can stimulate the memory of people with Alzheimer’s disease. They will be able to upload simple memories of who they are and where they live. Beyond that, we will be able to use electronics to upload vacations we never had, perhaps. And the internet itself will be a brain-net of emotions and memories.

“The 20 century was the century of physics, with computers, lasers, TV, radio, GPS, the internet, etc. Physics, in turn, has made possible that can probe biology. So I think the 21st century will be the century of physics and biology, esp. biology that can be explored via physics. So the future belongs to nanotech, biotech, AI, and quantum physics.”

Why I #Dare to Care

Why I #DaretoCare?

The Kids.

I was fortunate growing up. While we didn’t have a lot we had enough; and I knew that. We had a home and a strong sense of the importance of education. My Mom was an early childhood educator her whole career and my Dad became a special education teacher and math tutor later in his career. I too was fortunate to have great teachers who cared for my success and happiness along the way and saw first hand the impact one person caring can have on a child.

I recently joined the Board of Project Hope Alliance; a 25 year old organization determined end the cycle of homelessness in Orange County a cycle that starts and ends with education. In the short while since I joined I have seen first hand the passion and ability of this organization to accomplish its goal of ending homelessness for 500 kids and their families.

Project Hope Alliance is waging war on the homelessness sweeping through the streets of Orange County. The heart of our organization is beating for the children who are so often limited and discouraged by the financial circumstances of their parents. I join them in the belief that that through exceptional education and housing stability, children can find the hope they need to break the cycle of homelessness and welcome a brighter future.

Homeless children have to defy unique odds in order to meet the standards of the classroom. The education program at Project Hope Alliance is committed to helping these students overcome the obstacles threatening their academic success. Focused on creating a positive learning experience, our programs seek to close the significant performance gaps separating homeless children from their housed peers. We hope to re-instill the value of education through improved student attendance and preparedness as well as enhanced confidence in the classroom. Throughout the last 25 years, this program has served thousands of children in the Orange County area. Their strategy is proven effective and is currently at work in 21 cities, 39 different schools, and in the lives of over 300 children.

Last night, the Board of Directors officially launched the #DaretoCare campaign encouraging and DARING Orange County residents help raise awareness of the simple fact that there are 30,000 homeless children in Orange County. In my opinion, that is 30,000 too many.

A special thank you to my business partner Bryan Boettger, staff at The Buddy Group, our friends and family for Daring to Care!

To get back to the question of why I dare to care?

Answer: The Kids.

The Kids of Orange County need us. $1,500 can help end cycle of homelessness for one child. I commit to doing what I can do help as many kids as possible.

Through this process, I am confident I am helping my kids too. They have already seen the importance of giving to others and I hope through our involvement in Project Hope Alliance and other charitable organizations for which we support (Campership Fund, MS, Families Forward, Boys and Girls Club, Pacific Chorale, school programs, etc.) our kids will know that amazing feeling one gets when they make a difference in someone else’s life. Most importantly, my wife and I want them to recognize that everyone should be viewed as worthy and capable of accomplishing whatever it is they seek to accomplish and through education and doing your best, one can see all that is possible. My kids know because I say it everyday as they walk out the door to school, doing your best is your number one job. By helping The Kids and hope I am also helping my kids see their own potential as well. A “win win” and investment into the future.

For more on the Dare to Care campaign, contact and follow

I may just dare you and I hope you will #DareToCare

Columbia Student’s Striking Mattress Performance

While at Columbia I helped run the undergraduate theater where  performances such as this occurred on a regular basis. This artist’s creation is unique enough to get the attention of those out of the theater and with that attention will hopefully come action by my Alma mater.

Columbia Student’s Striking Mattress Performance

The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’: A case study in viral marketing gold | Digiday

I may be one of the only users on twitter not to be challenged to dump ice on their head. My day is coming but it may not be ice.

Several months back Kelly and Wing Lam were challenged to eat a green mound of frozen mush concocted by the amazing staff at OCs very own A Restaurant in Newport Beach as part of a dare. That dare spawned an awareness campaign which coincidently launches on September 30th. #DARE TO CARE benefits Project Hope Alliance and it’s going to be a blast.

Below is a great write up on the current campaign running with similar ideals by and for ALS. I recommend reading it if you are at all interested in the campaign.

There is also a compilation of the worst failed attempts. failed videos

Great music, great food, great drinks. All for a great cause. #daretocare #ProjectHopeAlliance

As a member of the board of directors at Project Hope Alliance, I know that Orange County has more homeless children per capita than LA or San Diego Counties. I also know that we can end the cycle of homelessness for these kids! Join me on May 1st for an amazing event featuring the Tijuana Dogs.

Great music, great food, great drinks… All for a great cause. #daretocare