All you need to see your home in 360

“We’re at the cusp of a decade where the impossible is starting to look very possible,” says one blog post from “We’ve got smart gadgets, yes, but now we’ve got smart ways of controlling those gadgets, such that you could be sitting on vacation in the Maldives and fiddling around with your electronics at home.” One such technology is called Branto, and it’s a smart home orb that allows 360-degree vision, communication, and security for your home. The best part? It can all be controlled with both your smartphone and your smart glasses.

Control Your Home With 360° Accuracy

Branto is an orb that controls multiple aspects of your home through smart technology. Tired of seeing so many smart hubs that were unattractive and only worked if you bought all new gadgets and appliances, the Branto team set out to solve this problem. They created a sphere-shaped device with the power to monitor your home through a 360-degree camera and speaker.

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