Father’s Day Reminds Me What Matters Most

Father’s Day gets me every year.
I am reminded just how much I love being a Father.
Without fail, the Father’s Day gifts I treasure the most are the ones hand-made by the kids.
This year’s gifts included personalized books highlighting just how much they know about me and what they love about me.
My 7 year-old does a great job highlighting what he views me spending most of my time doing.
Sorry Son, you have my spelling genes.

Image translation:
Golfing= Golfing
Wereking= Working
Playing ternements= Playing in (golf) tournaments
Looking at his foine= looking at his phone


Great penmanship
Great penmanship
My 9 year-old is amazed by my ability to read and write Hebrew. It is nice to know that all those years of learning Hebrew is good for something; if not impressing my daughter!

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