To Drive Brand Engagement, Put Customers Behind The Wheel

Another example of a great campaign to grow a community around a brand was when Belkin co-created a customizable phone case in partnership with Lego. Belkin encouraged consumers to post their personalized designs on Instagram with the hashtag #LEGOxBelkin. However, what was really cool was the integration of these photos into Belkin’s product page—in essence, allowing consumer photos to sell the phone case for the company.

The benefits of enabling social community interaction within your brand or retail site and encouraging the sharing of interesting, user-generated content include:

1. Increased engagement and direct sales.

2. Reduced bounce rate and deflection to other research channels.

3. Improved brand advocacy and loyalty by offering a place to gain trusted advice, reviews, and help.

4. Greater quantity and quality of UGC that improves SEO and traffic.

5. Free advertising and greater brand awareness with increased social sharing of products and content.

6. Helping to maintain your brand’s authenticity and relevance.

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