Video as part of the customer experience

ONLINE SHOPPERS RELY ON VIDEO TO INFORM PURCHASE DECISIONS: Online videos are proving to be a major motivating factor in consumers’ online shopping decisions, according to a report by Liveclicker. In fact, the popularity of product-related content on YouTube is what drove the platform to recently make videos “shoppable,” as we highlighted recently. There are unique benefits to using video for shopping-related content:

Video is helpful to shoppers who are researching a product. 58% of consumers find companies that provide product videos to be more trustworthy than those that don’t, according to Liveclicker. Seeing the seller or another customer talking about the product builds a sense of trust in the quality of the company’s work.
Video content also helps with branding. Online videos are one of the most-shared forms of digital content today. Posting to YouTube or hosting videos on their websites increases merchants’ traffic and generates more customers.
This is a clear example of the convergence between video content and online shopping. As more online users utilize video to make shopping decisions, it will become more important for video producers to become aware of what will influence their shoppers to hit the “buy” button.

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