List of Mavericks: My Annual CES 2015 Wrap-up

Text. Email. LinkedIn. Facebook. Voicemail.

All of the above were flooded Friday of last week as I returned from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Every message or conversation started with the same question, “What did you see that you thought was cool?”

But what is cool?

At The Buddy Group, we think Mavericks are cool. Mavericks are old — companies and thought leaders who exist within decades old manufacturing or product companies that push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Mavericks are young — start-ups that disrupt niche verticals. We enjoy telling the stories of these Mavericks.

Here are the Mavericks at CES whose stories I’d love to tell more…

Those involved with the Internet of Things because more “things” are connecting to the Internet than people.For the first time, products displayed in the mock homes on the show floor and ballrooms across Vegas were actually available at retail. The number of companies being formed to bring connected devices to life year over year is staggering. In 2010 there were 12.5 billion connected devices. By 2015, it is predicted that number will double to 25 billion connected devices only to double again to 50 billion by 2020.

Keep your eye on:

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