The smart-lighting race: How Belkin’s WeMo aims to outsmart

Anyone who says post sales content, experience and relationships are not worth investing in shoukd read this quote from VentureBeat reporter

Everything went swimmingly until the app detected a new firmware update. Dutifully, I hit “update,” and that’s when the wheels fell off. Suddenly, the app couldn’t detect any of the bulbs, and no amount of restarting the app or resetting the WeMo Link (or the bulbs) helped. If anything, it got worse as I ended up in an endless loop of trying to get the WeMo Link to reestablish its connection with my router — something it was apparently unable to do.

The app’s built-in help option drives to a non-mobile friendly Web page that simply outlines your options for resetting the different hardware components. It further advises that if these steps don’t help, you should delete the app and start from scratch. I did. And it finally worked.

Firmware updates are a necessary evil in the world of smart devices, but when they cause such a profound disruption, something is wrong. The average consumer, I’m convinced, would never have had the patience to do what I did and would probably have sent the bulbs back to the retailer in frustration.

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