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B2B: Content Marketing 3x more effective


Our friends at Sketchfolio just released this awesome infographic and I just had to share.

Here is some sound advice:

1)Load this puppy up on your ipad and walk into your CFO’s office.

2) Jump on the closest chair.

3) Pick any three stats from the graphic and read them in your best Sean Connery voice.

4) Close with “Drop the Mic” and quickly exit the room.

OUTCOME: You will get your Content Strategy budgets approved (or, you may be escorted out for an early lunch)



New startup looking for copy superstars

Helping out NoteStream and sharing this amazing opportunity to be involved with a hot startup since early Beta.

We’re growing, and looking for the right people to grow with us! We need to hire someone to help convert long form articles to sequential Notes, adding pictures and titles as needed. Strong English, computer and organisational skills are necessary. Hours and location are flexible. Healthy dose of common sense and a good sense of humor recommended. Contact me via LinkedIn or email

NoteStream is an iPhone app. We make it easy to learn about the things you’re interested in – think craft beer and the arts – not the heavy lifting of advanced calculus.

Happy Hour At Work? There’s An App For That. | Updates | The Buddy Group

group or department of Buddies will band together and host an “official” Friday Happy Hour. During each event, you can expect to see unique and tasty beverages coupled with a clever, engrossing activity. The Creative team held a movie trivia-themed event followed by our President’s Happy Hour which boasted a homemade, life-sized Jenga set. So when it finally came time for the Developers and QA to host ours, the pressure was on.